Selfless Woman Couldn’t Decide Which Dog To Adopt – What She Does Instead Is Angelic

There are some stories that immediately make your heart want to explode out of pure happiness. This one is absolutely guaranteed to take the cake and top that list! A Canadian couple founded a dog shelter in King City, Canada called Dog Tales. They focus primarily on providing rehabilitation to elderly, abused and disabled dogs. It’s pretty much a dream shelter for all dogs.

The organization is located on 50 sprawling acres that features walking trails and therapy pools. The dogs are even walked 8 times a day to make sure they’re getting plenty of exercise and fresh air. The couple, Danielle and Rob, spend their time traveling the world visiting dog shelters – taking dogs back to Canada to help them get healthy and adoptable. They are both originally of Israeli descent so they enjoy visiting the shelters in that country – feeling a bit of a connection there with their souls.

When Danielle visited a particular shelter in Israel – her heart absolutely sank. She knew she wanted to rescue these dogs immediately. So what did she decide to do? You’ll be completely floored! Go to the Next Page to find out!