SEE The Smallest Dog In The World!!!!

Is there anything cuter than a puppy? They are so teeny tiny with their tiny paws, tiny teeth, tiny ears, everything in miniature! This is usually accompanied by a BIG personality.

In fact it seems to be part of our genetic human nature to love all things in tiny or really, in baby form. Especially animals. Have you seen a baby lamb just newly walking? Or a baby black lab puppy bouncing around with their roly poly body? It’s the cutest thing in the world!

It’s a given that almost all people melt at the sight of a new baby, or puppy and that we also are sad when they grow up. Anyone who has a dog knows how quickly they go from little balls of puppy fur to our beloved full grown dogs.

Even though we obviously love our grown canine friends as much as their puppy selves, I do sometimes find myself thinking back on when my dogs were babies and how small they were. So what if you could have a dog that stayed a puppy forever?

What if they never got bigger than the palm of your hand?? How amazing and cute would a permanent pocket puppy be?? Continue to the next page to WATCH the smallest dog in the world in action!!