Seattle Dog Rides Bus to the Dog Park – Alone!

How many other commuters can boast that they always get a seat on the bus, always draw smiles from fellow passengers, and never have to pay a fare? It helps if you’re covered in fur, like one now-famous dog in Seattle.

A determined Black Lab mix named Eclipse has become Seattle’s most famous bus commuter. Whenever her owner, Jeff Young, isn’t around or is taking too long to get out the door, Eclipse just goes out and hops on the bus by herself for the 3-stop ride to his favorite dog park.

She’s become a regular on this route in the Belltown area of downtown Seattle, often riding at rush hour and brightening the ride for dozens of commuters who’ve come to know her. She always gets a seat on the bus, and smiles from other passengers.

We found out how she does it. Owner Jeff Young describes Eclipse as a dog with excellent city street smarts — “a bus-riding, sidewalk-walking dog.”

They live right next to the bus stop, and frequently caught the bus together before Eclipse one day just decided to hop on alone while Young was lingering over a cigarette. (You can imagine her thoughts – “Drop that smelly thing, the bus is leaving you YoYo!”)

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