Rescue Dog Barks For 5 Hours To Save 92-Year-Old Owner After She Fell Behind Bushes

rescue dog

Family is one of the most important things in life. They are our foundation in life and of course we would never want anything bad to happen to them. Especially our grandparents or elderly family members.

We would hope that if anything ever did happen to an elderly member of our family – someone would be there to help. Thankfully for one woman – it wasn’t exactly a human that helped save her life. But her dog.

A woman named Marie Alexander is 92 years old and she has a rescue dog, a 9-year old Chihuahua named Sassy from a shelter. She had no idea just how much Sassy would end up meaning in her life.

Sassy the rescue dog goes with Marie everywhere. Even if it’s just going outside to grab the mail from the mailbox.

One morning when Marie went out to grab the mail, with Sassy right behind her, Marie fell backwards into some bushes – making her out of sight from anyone. But Sassy wasn’t going to let her suffer. Continue to the next page to watch this incredible story!