Remember THIS Viral Photo Of A Dog “Mourning Its Owner?” – Here’s the TRUTH Behind It!

A mother will do anything for her kids – this doesn’t only apply to humans but across most animal kingdoms. They will go out of their way to make sure that their kids are safe from harm – even if it means complete sacrifice.

It turns out that digging out a hole underneath this grave marker was done out of complete necessity. This dog was a new mama and needed a safe place to keep her pups safe and warm. They were homeless.



The fact that they had found a temporary home underneath this headstone was just a pure coincidence. Thankfully – a local in the area found and rescued the mom and her entire new family! Slowing starting to feed her by hand!


All of them are now happy and healthy! Remember – think twice before believing what you see on the interwebs!

Source: JumbleJoy

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