Remember THIS Viral Photo Of A Dog “Mourning Its Owner?” – Here’s the TRUTH Behind It!

You gotta love the internet, right? It’s a place where we can get INSTANTANEOUS information delivered to us in a constant stream. But it’s important not to believe everything you see and read.

A while back a photo of a dog went incredibly viral – the dog had burrowed itself beside a grave marker in Serbia. Everyone had assumed that the dog was mourning the loss of its owner. Easy mistake.

There have been other photos that have circulated around the web of dogs doing just that very thing. However, that was NOT the case in this photo. In fact, incredible far from it.

Even though the picture isn’t what it seems – it certainly still holds the same message. Dogs are loyal and devoted creatures and the truth behind this photo still holds that same meaning – in just a very different way than imagined.

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