Puppy Receives 3D-Printed Wheelchair

Technology to the rescue! This little chihuahua was too small for a regular doggie wheelchair – so he got a custom 3D-printed one instead!3D printing, as the technology improves, is discovering its way into almost all corners of the human experience – and now it’s finding its way into the canine world too.

We have seen a human skull, saxophone, ice cream, fruit, and even a whole house designed from a variety of 3D printers in order to satisfy a broad array of wants and needs. Also, the technology is assisting our feathered and furred friends. A duck called Buttercup who was born last year with a backwards foot got a three-dimensional-printed flipper which currently has her getting around as if a duck should.

The technology, in Indianapolis, once again has come to the rescue – and this time to aid a puppy called ‘TurboRoo,’ born without any front legs. According to reports, a breeder wound up dropping the dog off at a vet’s office in December, in which the staff there fell in love with the tiny pup.

One technician, Ashley Looper, wound up permanently adopting TurboRoo. They’d attempted their best to develop a cart for him, with the assistance of other people, to help in his walking, yet the cart they designed was not up to par.

Thankfully, the president of a three-dimensional-printing firm called 3dyn, Mark Deadrick, got engaged. Mr. Deadrick created and designed the tiny Chihuahua cart utilizing a Makerbot Replicator three-dimensional printer.

Then, he connected some skateboard wheels to the cart’s front to assist in putting the Turbo in TurboRoo. Go to the next page to watch the video of how they solved TurboRoo’s dilemma.