Puppy Hit, Shot And Left For Dead

Found in a parking lot of a mattress warehouse sleeping in a box, Mango, a black Labrador Retriever, was covered in mange and had a bad limp.  Two women were planning on picking up their box spring when they saw the poor creature wandering around the nearly empty parking lot.  Julie Long had rescued almost 200 to date and understood that the dog needed care, but she had no idea how bad off this dog was until she got him to the emergency veterinary hospital.

“He’s actually probably the most gut-wrenching one I’ve found, for all the things he’s gone through,” says Long, who didn’t know the extent of Mango’s injuries when she met him. “We find a lot of skinny ones, we find a lot with parasites, but to be shot and hit by a car?!”

Initially believing Mango to be 7 or 8 years old, the vet found that he had a hip injury consistent with having been hit by a car.  His tongue was torn and teeth broken considered to have taken place by the car accident.  But what was most shocking was that he had buck spray from a shotgun down his back and legs.

In addition to all that trauma, he suffered from a double eye infection, ear problems and serious mange and skin infections over his entire body and heartworms caused by neglect from living on the streets.  How this dog had managed to survive is a true test of will.

His laundry list of ailments meant a long stay at the hospital to be treated with steroids, antibiotics and rehydrated.  What Long was not expecting to hear from the vet was that Mango was only about a year to a year and a half old.

Mango #2

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