Puppy Who Had All 4 Paws Amputated From Meat Market Abuse FINALLY Gets A Chance!

The rescuers immediately took her to a vet clinic where it was discovered that her paws would need to be amputated.

After her surgery – she was wagging her tail and showed that she was so grateful, even though she had to undergo such a drastic loss.


The rescuers decided to name the brave pup Chi Chi which means “loving” in Korean. Could you imagine a more fitting name?

Chi Chi, the Golden Retriever mix, had to spend 2 months recovering – she was even able to begin walking after a while! The only thing she can’t do is go up stairs. But this doesn’t stop her from smiling! She was soon transferred from Seoul to Phoenix, Arizona where she met her new forever family, The Howells!


Once Chi Chi is fully recovered, she’ll be getting prosthetics AND will also be trained to be a service dog! She’ll specialize in helping children and war veterans who have lost their limbs. Way to go Chi Chi!



Source: BoredPanda