Puppy Who Had All 4 Paws Amputated From Meat Market Abuse FINALLY Gets A Chance!


Meat markets that use dogs for product are a horrible truth that happens in this world. But sometimes? Rescuers are able to help before these furry lives are gone forever.

This story and video may be a bit graphic for some of our sensitive viewers so be forewarned. However, we can assure you that there is a very happy ending to this story.

An adorable puppy was born into a South Korean meat market – she was hung upside down by her paws. Sadly – she was beaten to make sure her meat was “tender.” Absolutely horrific.

Her poor legs were so tightly bound that it caused serious infection and her paws began to rot. This wasn’t good for “product” so they discarded her in a garbage bag to die.

Before this poor girl’s fate turned for the worse – rescuers came and swooped in to help. When they found her – she was in horrible shape but her eyes still showed that she wanted to live and had so much love to give!

Continue to the next page to watch this incredible girl’s story and see where she’s at now. Your heart is going to be overwhelmed with happiness!