Pregnant Mom Confused When Her Dog Starts Acting Strangely Around Her, Finds Out He Was Trying To Save Her Life

As a dog lover, you know how special and amazing dogs are. They are so loving, protective, and caring. They can also sense and smell things that humans cannot, they can detect illnesses before we show any symptoms. One pregnant woman knows this from first-hand experience.

Alhanna Butler was ecstatic when she found out that she was pregnant. Her husband Ricky, and even her dog Keola, were excited to have their little family grow. Keola is an American Akita and lives in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, UK with her owners.

During the pregnancy, Alhanna started experiencing sharp pains in her lower back. She went to the doctor to describe her symptoms, but he assumed that they were just normal side effects of the pregnancy.

After returning home, Alhanna trusted that everything was normal, but Keola knew that something wasn’t right. Alhanna noticed that her dog started acting very strangely around her and didn’t know why.

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