She Poops Her Pants. Now Keep Your Eyes On The Dog’s Face…PERFECT!

baby fart

A baby needs lots and love and attention. They crave to be held and will cry when they need something – after all, it’s their only form of communicating. But this baby? Oh she gets her point across by doing something else.

But before we show you what she did – you’ve got to hear a little bit of backstory. The baby’s name is Elarose and she’s best buddies with the family dog and cat – their names are Pebbles and Nelda, respectively.

Pebbles is a Ragdoll cat and Nelda is a Labrador. These two love protecting their baby sibling, Elarose. They especially love nothing more than nap time with the sweet babe. Nothing like some R&R with your best friends, right?

Well – it was a normal day in this household and it was nap time per usual. When the video on the next page starts, it seems like a completely normal video of a baby with her furry best friends. But it’s anything but normal.

Continue to the next page to watch what happens when Elarose lets out a very special…and stinky gift for her furry companions. You’re going to laugh your socks off!