Police Officer Rescues Chihuahua From Hot Car – Then Did Something Incredible!


Each year we hear about thousands of dogs dying, or nearly dying, from being left in hot cars. It’s a preventable tragedy that needs to stop. This story has a happy ending – but it didn’t start that way at all.

Two police officers in Kansas City were responding to a call about a dog left in a hot car in a shopping center parking lot. When they saw the dog – they knew they didn’t have much time at all.

The 5-month old Chihuahua was already starting to convulse by the time they were able to break the window to pull him out. The poor thing was very close to dying.

He was rushed to the pet store located in the shopping strip and found that his temp was up to 107 – a fatal temperature. He finally cooled to 94 but that sent the poor Chihuahua into shock.

The pup’s temp finally returned back to normal overnight – and it’s a great thing that it did. Because this little dog’s future was about to be changed forever.

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