Police Dog Was Shot While Chasing A Suspect, Has Emotional Reunion With Cop

police dog

Police dogs, K-9s, are some of the most well-trained and obedient dogs around. They are usually German Shepherds, but now police departments are using rescued Pit Bulls. It’s so amazing that they’re able to assist our men and women in blue.

This police dog is a German Shepherd named Bruno. He was a wonderful and talented K-9; Bruno loved his job and was great at it. Plus, he was able to hang out with his human cop partner, RJ Young.

One day, they were out on their normal route and routine when they found themselves in the middle of a pursuit. The partners were running through the streets, chasing a suspect — an extremely dangerous situation.

Little did they know, the day was going to take a turn and it wasn’t for the better. It was the type of situation that every police officer hopes to never experience. My jaw dropped when I heard this for the first time.

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