Hilarious Police Dog Training Session Bloopers


K9 police dogs are highly trained and disciplined dogs.  They are an essential part of keeping our officers and community safe.  They are capable of bringing down criminals in very dangerous situations. But in this video of police dog training bloopers? That’s not exactly the case.

But how do these dogs become so good at learning commands?  This video of a police dog in training shows that sometimes not everything goes as planned.  The training must be repeated over and over again before a dog can join the police force.

An officer is holding the German Shepherd who is being trained to know when it is appropriate for the dog to attack.  There is another man dressed in protective gear who is acting as the criminal.

The dog does a very good job of obeying commands, but in this hysterical video, you will laugh when you see where this dog is when he reacts to the officer’s command to “stop” in the middle of the attack.

Good thing the criminal freezes when he does!  The outcome could have been very painful if he hadn’t!  It shows that training a dog to become a K9 Patrol dog takes a lot of work!

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