How To Pick The Best Name For Your Dog


Shelby Semel, senior trainer and founder of Shelby Semel Dog Training, says there are a few tips for picking the perfect name for your dog.

“You should consider avoiding names that sound like commonly used words,” Shelby Semel tells a fellow website. “For example, a name like Noah would be confusing for the dog as it sounds too similar to the word ‘No.’” That goes for names that frequently make the “most popular” lists, such as Bo or Beau; Kit, which sounds like the command “sit” or Kay, which sounds like “stay.”


Names are also used as training tools for your dog. It’s important you’re not trying to spit out a complicated name when giving out commands.

“Ideally, one or two syllables are best,” Semel notes. “I prefer two because most cues are a single syllable. I would avoid a three-syllable name as the dog won’t respond or you begin to call them by their shorter nickname, which can get confusing for them.”


What about if you’re renaming a dog that already has one? For example, if you adopt. Keep reading to find out what the experts say about that.

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