How To Pick The Best Name For Your Dog


After adopting a dog, or giving a puppy their first name, picking the absolute perfect name for your pooch isn’t an easy task. You want to make sure you’re picking the name that suits them the best and rolls off the tongue.

Lots of people like to title their pets with Dr. or Mr. or Miss in front. It’s endearing and funny, plus it’s fun to say, right? Other people choose names that are more human, like Sam or Fred. Well, it turns out there’s some logic in the funny names we choose for our pets.

Many dog names have hard consonant sounds in them like “K,” “D,” B,” or “T.” Resulting in common names like Casey (Kasey), Buddy, Dexter, or Teddy. These sounds are easy for the dog to recognize over vowels, some animal behaviorists say.

Of course, there aren’t any actual “rules” when it comes to naming our dogs, but there is a way to think about it and narrow it down. In fact, we tend to do it naturally anyway based on our dog’s personality and ease of vocalization.

Continue reading to find out more about the science behind naming our furry friends. I had no idea there are studies behind this!