If Your Pet Gets Lost…Make Sure You Can Be Found!

It can happen to even the most conscientious dog owner – your dog gets loose and runs away. Your first line of defense in this situation is to have an ID tag on its collar with your name and contact information.

so if they’re noticed or picked up, their finder can locate you. ID tag engravers can be found in most of the larger pet stores, or you can often order them through your veterinarian’s office.

Have a Backup Plan

But if you really want to play it safe, have a backup plan. Your best backup defense is a microchip embedded beneath its skin, just in case the tag gets lost during your dog’s stolen hours of freedom. Your veterinarian can do the implant in a simple 5-minute procedure.

What do the chips do, and how do they work? Continue to the next page to find out how chips work and how they can help you find and save your pooch!