Parents Hire A Drug-Sniffing Dog To Search Teen’s Bedroom — Their Hearts Sank By What They Found


In an area near the Kentucky/Indiana border, you’ll see a giant billboard with a German Shepherd on it. It’s an advertisement targeted to parents for a drug-sniffing dog — the company offers to search your home if you’re worried about your child doing drugs.

One couple in Kentucky was worried about their teenager; they feared that they were experimenting with marijuana. They decided to hire The Last Chance K-9 service to search their room.

Owner Michael Davis says that “in about 90 percent of all cases when parents hire his dog team, they find drugs hidden in the home. Sometimes it’s marijuana, sometimes it’s more serious issues such as methamphetamine or cocaine.” The mom and dad from Louisville suspected that their child was smoking a few joints here and there, however, when the drug-sniffing dog searched the room — they were absolutely devastated by what they found. See What They Found Here