Owners Force Family Dog To Live Outside Because Of ‘Odor’, Then Decide To Get Rid Of Her

family dog

Most of us consider our dogs family. Not a pet. Not “just an animal.” But family. When we have a family dog, it’s our obligation to clean them, feed them, care for them, love them, and keep them safe.

Dogs are not meant to just be given away or abandoned. They aren’t something you can just ignore or neglect just because you don’t feel like taking care of them. When they are treated this way, it absolutely breaks our hearts.

The dog in this story did not have a family that followed through on their half of the bargain. Her name is Cola and she was not treated like a family dog. She was forced to sleep outside and developed an odor because of it. The family blamed her for that too.

Of course, as dog lovers, we know and understand that a dog does not have any control over how they smell. It’s up to the owners to bathe them and keep them healthy — these owners simply refused to understand that.

Eventually, this horrible family decided to get rid of their supposed “family dog” and now she needs a home. Can you help? Continue to the next page to watch this touching video and find out how you can help.