Owner Thought German Shepherd Was Dead After Losing Him At Sea — 5 Weeks Later He Gets Amazing Reunion

german shepherd

Nick Haworth was on a fishing boat with his German Shepherd, Luna, when she fell overboard. The heavy currents and choppy waters swept her away. Haworth was absolutely heartbroken and devastated.

He tried for five long weeks to search for his lost German Shepherd, but he never had any luck. By this point, Haworth, a professional fisherman, knew that his beloved Luna was most likely dead. How could she possibly survive?

After five long weeks, however, Haworth received a call from the Navy — they had found and rescued Luna. He was in complete shock. His one-year-old German Shepherd was somehow alive!

The local NBC news station interviewed Haworth after he and Luna had been reunited. “She still smells like fish,” he said. “I can’t believe this dog is alive. I never thought I’d see her again. I’m just glad to have her home.”

So, what exactly happened to Luna on that fateful day? How did she fall off the boat without anyone noticing right away? Continue to the next page for the story from Haworth’s recollection on that night.