Orphaned Puppies Find Cat Mommas

This orphaned one week-old Pit Bull puppy found a new Cat Momma, who began nursing him together with her own four kittens when shelter staff requested her help. Noland, the orphaned puppy, came to the Cleveland Animal Protective League after being rejected by his mother. He was only one day old.

At that age, the survival rate of a rejected infant is very low, and they had to act fast. According to the ASPCA’s veterinary experts, newborn puppy care requires bottle feeding every two hours in their first week of life, using a special canine milk replacement since cow’s milk can cause diarrhea.

Puppies must also be kept constantly warm. Therefore having a feline wet nurse around who’s willing to help can definitely boost an orphaned puppy’s chances to grow up healthy, or to survive at all.

Her milk can nourish the puppy, and her kittens can keep him warm in their sleeping pile.

Then they remembered Lurlene the Cat, who had just borne a litter of kittens. Lurlene welcomed her new “baby” into the litter without hesitation, nurturing him as if he were one of her own. Noland happily eats, sleeps and plays with his kitten siblings for about nine hours every day.

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