Old Hairless Dog Stops Car On Dirt Road — Couple Immediately Falls In Love


As Danielle Finley was driving down a dirt road in rural Pennsylvania with her boyfriend, they noticed an animal running toward them. At first, they thought it was probably a raccoon. They certainly weren’t expecting an elderly hairless dog.

“We were thinking he was just going to duck out of the way in a minute, so we were just cruising,” Finley told a fellow website. “But he didn’t duck away, so we stopped, and he came running around and looked up into the car.”

As the couple moved closer to the little dog, they realized that it was a mostly hairless cairn terrier. As it turns out, Danielle and her boyfriend had their two Boston terriers with them, along with some food; the gave the little dog a bite to eat.

“We actually had two of our other dogs — our two Boston terriers — with us, so we popped out of the car, and checked him out,” Finley said. “He was friendly, so we got some dog food out and a little bit of water.”

The couple decided to put the dog, who they named Phil, in the car. They figured if he was lost, the owners were probably looking for him. And if he was a stray, he could possibly get killed out there on the rural dirt road.

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