Obscure Dog Breeds For Unusual Needs

On the other side of the debate over mixed-breed rescue vs purebred for specific human needs, we present some obscure dog breeds who still have a job to do. As a practice that’s been going on for literally thousands of years, the purposes of dog breeding have evolved along with human civilization.

Whether it was for hunting, helping fish, herding sheep – dogs have been bred to do and perform extremely specific tasks. Their very own specialties.

Some dogs have very sensitive noses while others have ears that can hear for miles. Their very genetics have been altered over the years to help with many different tasks around homes and farms.

Some of these dogs are quite interesting looking, while others make you want to saw “aww.” Regardless of the breed, you just can’t resist a cute dog.

Check out these interesting, specifically bred dogs – you might be surprised at what some of them were bred for. I know I sure was!