New York Cracks Down on Sales of Dogs From Puppy Mills

Finally, someone IS doing something about puppy mills! New York has joined several other states in cracking down on sales of dogs from puppy mills.

Pet stores in New York City are now prohibited from buying puppies from commercial puppy brokers or from breeders with severe Animal Welfare Act violations under a new, groundbreaking ordinance.

The new pet store rules will require pet shops to get dogs and cats directly from licensed breeders. Sounds like a good start. It gets better…

The legislation would outlaw buying from breeders who have violated the Animal Welfare Act, and would also bar buying from brokers, who often act as middlemen to sell animals from puppy mills that keep young animals in squalid conditions.

You’ve heard of a car lemon law. But what’s a “Dog Lemon Law?” See next page to find out.