Neglected Dog Dropped Off To Be Euthanized Because He Was “Too Yucky” – But Then? INCREDIBLE!

There are some people in the world that should NEVER be allowed to ever own pets. When you see this video and hear this story – your jaw is definitely going to drop.

A filthy dog was recently brought into a veterinary clinic – the owners said that they wanted to put their dog Nik Nak down. When the veterinary technicians asked why they wanted to euthanize the sweet dog they were absolutely appalled at the answer they received. 

The horrible dog owners said that they thought their dog was “too yucky” and the world would be better off without him. Thankfully the veterinarians told them they’d take care of the dog and asked the owners to leave.

The veterinary techs picked up Nik Nak and put the scared dog into a bath for the very first time in a long time. It was clear that the only reason he was in such bad shape was because the awful owners didn’t take care of the dog in the first place!

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