Mom Dog Feeds 2-Week-Old Abandoned Piglet, Their Love Will Put A Smile On Your Face

mom dog

There’s a saying that a ‘mother’s love knows no bounds’ and that couldn’t be more true than what you’re about to see. A mom dog who decided to foster another little baby…it just wasn’t a dog.

There is a tiny piglet named Paulinchen who is only 2-weeks old — she was abandoned by her mother. She was likely to die from cold, hunger, or other animals like foxes. Luckily — one special mom dog wasn’t going to let that happen.

On that same farm where Paulinchen lived was a Rhodesian Ridgeback named Katjinga. She is 8-years old and had just given birth to some puppies of her own. It was perfect timing for Paulinchen.

Katjinga immediately took Paulinchen as one of her own. The tiny little piglet immediately gained some new puppy brothers and sisters. It was absolute serendipity!

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