Meet Rambo – A True Renaissance Dog

This pint size Maltese-Yorkie mix is a YouTube sensation known for his dapper outfits, extravagant lifestyle and self-promoting penchant.   While weighing in at a mere 10 pounds, give or take a few when considering his alcohol and treat consumption, this little stud has over 300,000 followers!  I can only assume most of them are of the female variety.

His name is quite unfitting given his indulgent lifestyle, but Rambo it is.  He is hardly of the tough-guy, street fighting demeanor, but this little guy has a bigger than life lifestyle.

Rambo has been seen sipping his favorite cocktail, the Barkarita, in full authentic Mexican garb.  He also has been captured by photographers in his Christmas attire sending emails to friends and followers his wish list.  Rambo loves getting presents.

But this sweet little pooch with an unstoppable desire to sniff butts at the dog park, has a “chill” side to him as well.   He will don a pair of sunglasses and hit the park or settle in on a Sunday on his Barka-Lounger with the remote gripped tightly in his hand – he’s not big on sharing – and a box of cereal in his lap.

Rambo has an unremitting way of sending messages to his human owners of his needs.  He will plop himself in front of their laptop and send emails and post notes that he is running low on his favorite treats.

We have managed to capture some pictures of Rambo in his flashy outfits that will surely put a smile on your face.  You will definitely want to join his band of loyal followers!

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