Meet Finn – The World’s Most Obedient Dog!

Training a dog can be one of the most frustrating, yet rewarding, tasks you can take on as a dog owner. Whether that’s a puppy or an older dog! They can be quite stubborn or just maybe too playful to concentrate.

We here at Our Passion for Dogs love helping provide you with helpful tips on how to train your dog. For example – when’s the right time to start training your dog?

Or if you have a brand new puppy – what are some of the best tips for getting your pup to be a well-behaved and respectful dog? The advice people receive is endless!

But sometimes you come across a dog that is SO well-behaved and obedient it’s truly quite impressive. The dog on the next page, named Finn, is by far one of the most obedient dogs we’ve come across.

Continue to the next page to watch Finn’s extraordinary display of patience and compliance you’ll witness! It’s just too adorable to explain in words.