Man’s Dog Dying Of Cancer – So He Takes Her On One Final Epic Road Trip

dog cancer

It’s a dog owner’s worst nightmare. Receiving news that your beloved furry companion is terminally ill is probably one of the most terrible things that anyone could ever imagine. One man received this news about his dog – it was cancer.

A man named Robert Kugler is the proud owner of a beautiful chocolate Labrador named Bella. At first – it was the bone cancer diagnosis – it was in her leg. So her leg was amputated. But then? More bad news.

The cancer had spread to her lungs and there was nothing the doctors could do for this precious dog. But Robert wasn’t going to let her last days be spent in sadness – instead, he decided to take her on the trip of a lifetime. One epic road trip.

Robert, a Marine vet, packed up his car with 3-legged Bella and their first stop was the Marine Corps Ball in Chicago. From there – they would be heading east and south – documenting their journey on social media along the way.

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