Man Who Abused And Left Dog To Die Gets His Sentence! Do YOU Think It’s Fair?!

A Canadian man has surprisingly plead guilty to horrific abuse he inflicted on a dog last year. His sentence is satisfying for some and maddening for others. What do YOU think?

It all started when the man, named Michael Hill, had been given a 13-pound dog, named Nos, by another couple. The couple asked Hill if he could take the dog to the Humane Society. They just had a newborn that was severely allergic.

Hill then took money, approximately $60, to cover the fee to drop the dog off at the shelter. But two days later? The couple was shocked to find that social media was hunting them down. They had no idea why!

Turns out – a man named Dean Cresswell had been walking down a road when his heart stopped. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

The 7-year old terrier was in the middle of a field with his snout taped shut and its legs bound – left to die in a field. Cresswell immediately picked up the dog, went to get help and took to social media.

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