Man Sees Tiny, Shaking Body, Then He Realizes Puppy Was Thrown 30 Feet Down A Ditch

puppy thrown over bridge

For people like us, people who absolutely love animals (especially dogs!) – it’s hard for us to hear stories of abuse or neglect. But thankfully – this story and video you’re about to see about a puppy will break your heart but then restore your faith in humanity.

So many animals out there suffer from so many forms of abuse and neglect but they are so extremely resilient and somehow manage to still love and live. This story involved a puppy named Jordan.

Tiny little Jordan was found in a ravine in Los Angeles. He was shaking and sitting on an empty Cheetos bag. This poor sweet puppy was missing a leg that had been cut off before being thrown 30 feet into the ravine.

Someone saw the scared shaking dog and called Hope For Paws to come and step in. Of course, we know how incredible this organization is and this is absolutely no exception to that.

You’ll absolutely love watching this rescue and Jordan’s incredible transformation. The video on the next page can’t be missed. The ending make my heart absolutely swell to see his awesome rescue.