Man Finds A ‘Lost’ Dog, Tries To Help Until He Reads The ID Tag

What goes through your mind when you see a wandering dog in the streets? What if you noticed that the dog was wearing a collar? You’d probably assume it’s lost and would check to find the owner’s contact information, right?

That’s exactly what one man, named Tyler Wilson, did when he spotted a Golden Lab wandering by itself. He immediately thought that it must be a lost dog but thankfully he noticed the collar and tag.

As he came near the dog at a gas station — the dog immediately sat down beside him. Tyler assumed that this Goldie must have been lost for a while because he seemed so grateful to be around someone that paid attention to him.

The dog was clearly friendly and Tyler couldn’t help but think that there must be a family out there somewhere who was missing their beautiful dog. So, of course, he checks the collar and ID tag.

This is when Tyler realized that things aren’t quite what they seem — and neither was the dog! Tyler couldn’t believe what was inscribed on the tag. Continue to the next page to find out!