Loyal Dog Waits Four Months Outside Hospital For His Deceased Owner To Return


The unnamed dog’s owner was a homeless man who had been stabbed during a fight on the streets. An ambulance picked him up and rushed him to the hospital, his loyal dog chasing and following the emergency vehicle the entire way.

Once the owner was brought inside the hospital, the dog patiently took a seat right outside the doors, where he waited and waited. Sadly, the owner was unable to recover from his injuries.

The financial director at the facility who first noticed the dog said that he was very calm, polite, and friendly. He never once tried to enter the hospital, and would occasionally go for walks by himself.

The staff gave the sad dog food and water, along with blankets to keep him warm and comfortable. Then, a woman named Cristine Sardella who was at the hospital for an appointment saw the dog, heard his story, and posted his pictures on Facebook.

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