Loyal Dog Waits Four Months Outside Hospital For His Deceased Owner To Return


Fair warning for all dog lovers before they read this post, you’re going to need a tissue for this one. This heartbreaking story is one of the most touching and emotional stories we’ve come across in quite some time.

Dogs are one of the most loyal creatures ever to exist on the planet. If you’ve ever owned one, you certainly know this to be true. No matter how much money we have, no matter what type of house or car we own, they love us unconditionally.

One dog, in Brazil, had his photos snapped and as soon as they were posted online, they went viral. The sweet dog can be seen sitting outside of the Santa Casa de Novo Horizonte hospital in São Paolo, Brazil, with a terribly sad look on his face.

Apparently, the lone, sad dog had been sitting outside of the hospital’s entrance for almost four long months. He had ended up there in the first place after chasing the ambulance that brought his owner to the hospital last October.

For months, this dog has sat patiently outside of the hospital doors waiting for his owner to appear. But sadly, that day would never become. What the dog didn’t understand, was that his owner had passed away.

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