Loving Stray German Shepherd Found With Rare Genetic Condition

Dogs wandering the streets is always a sad sight. We never want to see dogs that don’t belong to loving and caring homes. It’s heartbreaking but also a sad reality.

What’s even more saddening to is to see a dog who is in clear need of some special care – whether that be an illness, emaciation, or injuries. If I could help every dog I would!

A very special dog was recently found wandering the streets of Minnesota and brought to a local shelter. His name is Quasimodo and he was born with Short Spine Syndrome.

Short Spine Syndrome is a rare genetic disease caused by backyard breeding – the result is a twisted short spine that can cause long-term problems with their internal organs. In fact – only 13 dogs are known to have this condition.

When the German Shepherd was dropped off at the shelter – they knew he’d need to undergo a lot of evaluations and tests to make sure he was healthy. You have to see the cutie pie’s progress on the next page.