After Living Entire Life On A Chain 一 Dog Runs For Very First Time


Even though a dog named Peanut is 3-years-old, his life was just beginning. When he was just a few months old, he was tethered with a chain in his backyard in the countryside of Pennsylvania.

Peanut’s owners lived on the property with the dog, but, apparently, they never once provided him with love, affection, and a feeling of safety. All Peanut knew was the short distance that his chain could stretch.

It was a short and heavy chain 一 a life that no dog should ever live. Thankfully, his life was about to change forever. It was all thanks to some neighbors in the area spotted the dog after a fence fell down.

The change wasn’t going to happen fast or come easy though 一 after authorities were first alerted, not much was done about it. It wasn’t until the rescue group HOPE for Erie Animal Wellness was alerted that Peanut was finally going to be saved.

This was also the moment that a woman named Russelline Steinbuhler found about the dog.

“My daughter volunteers with HOPE, and they got a lot of calls about this dog, but it’s too far for them to go. They’re about an hour away, and nobody could make the commitment to get to that dog all the time,” Steinbuhler told a fellow website.

She decided to go see the situation for herself and was absolutely stunned.

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