Little Dog Who Lost His Best Friend Gets A Toy That Looks Just Like Her

little dog

A little dog named Paddy got a wonderful second chance at life after a scary and not-so-great start to life. He is a beautiful Chihuahua who was found frail and unable to walk correctly because of a neck issue; thankfully a family found him when he was trying to cross a busy street.

A few months after being adopted into his new family, Paddy got a new sibling! Not only that, but this new sibling, like the little dog, knew a lot about struggle and hardship.

The new addition to the family was a little lamb named Lily. Lily was born the smallest out of a set of triplets; her legs didn’t develop correctly in the womb. When she was born, her mother rejected her due to her deformity.

The tiny lamb was brought to the veterinary clinic to euthanize her but instead, they called the Jensen family — the same family that took in Paddy. They didn’t hesitate a second before agreeing.

A sick lamb wasn’t going to be easy to care for but they knew they had to at least give it a shot. When they took Lily home, they quickly realized that they had another little helper to assist with Lily’s care — Paddy!

Paddy stepped right up to the plate as soon as Lily came in; continue to the next page — their story just gets more beautiful.