Little Dog And Her Cat Balloon Best Friend Are The Cutest Things To Ever Happen

A tiny little dog named Ginger is trying her best to adapt to change. When she was adopted, she was the only dog and “baby” in the family — she loved all of the attention she received. But, of course, change is inevitable.

After those first five years, Ginger’s owners decided to add another fur baby to their family — they adopted another dog. The little dog wasn’t thrilled about having another dog in the house, but she eventually accepted it.

However — things were about to get a bit more uncomfortable for Ginger. The little dog and her dog sibling were about to get yet another addition to the family. But this time? It was going to be a tiny little human.

Ginger’s owners had a baby and this is when everything changed for Ginger. She could handle having a bit of the attention shared with her furry sibling, but with a human baby? No way!

The little dog was so used to being an only child, but then her life just kept getting more and more crowded. Ginger became extremely jealous — she missed being the one that got all the toys, treats, and attention.

When her human baby sister got a new balloon — Ginger wanted it for herself. What happens next is adorable. Continue to the next page.

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