Little Boy Tries Saving Dog – Ends Up In Life Or Death Situation

Children are amazing, aren’t they? They have this innocence about them that is so awe inspiring. And they just know how to love so hard! Especially when it comes to loving something like a pet dog.

A little boy was looking for his dog that had gone missing earlier. The boy is only 4-years old so he has the sweetest of all intentions as he wanders in his backyard.

The boy ends up hearing a faint barking in the distance and runs toward it in hopes of finding his dog safe and sound. But instead, he was lead to a well – that was 23 feet deep.

The little dog had fallen into the well and was barking from the bottom. Being 4-years old, the little boy thought he could reach in and pull out his beloved pet.

The boy reached and fell 23 feet down into the well with his dog. An absolutely horrifying situation – but the boy was alive.

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