Lightning Strikes Hiker And Barely Survives – All Because His German Shepherd Saved His Life

german shepherd

There’s no doubt that our dogs are loyal and love us unconditionally. Sometimes – it may be to a fault. Get your tissues ready because this story of a hiker and his German Shepherd just might move you to tears.

A man named Jonathan Hartman was hiking in the great Rocky Mountains with his friends and also his dog – a German Shepherd named Rambo. A past time that they took part in quite often.

It was a normal day for Jonathan and the group until in one split second, tragedy struck. Jonathan saw a bright flash of light and was knocked completely unconscious. It was when he awoke that he realized what happened.

When Jonathan opened his eyes he saw that all of his friends had been scattered about with injuries. It was a lightning bolt that struck his group of friends. It was an absolutely surreal moment.

But then he looked over to his dog Rambo – and it sunk it what his dog had done for him and the rest of his friends.

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