Volunteers Do the CUTEST Thing For These Shelter Dogs – You have to SEE What!!!

Shelters and rescue agencies are wonderful organizations that we really need. They get dogs out of abusive situations and place them into new loving homes. They’re literally life savers!!

Anyone who has adopted a rescue dog knows what these places can be like. The dogs understandably are upset and scared, who wouldn’t be!

They can be crowded, loud and probably very scary for a little pup who has no idea where they are or why. If only we could explain to them that this is just a better stop for them on the way to a new family. If only they knew they were there to get help.

So we do the best we can to help them feel more comfortable. Volunteers and employees play with them, comfort them and try to make it as nice as possible until they can be placed with a family.

But there’s a new, wonderful idea in helping rescue and shelter dogs. Continue reading on the next page to SEE the AMAZING way these very special volunteers are helping these pups cope with their fear!!