JUST ANNOUNCED: The Top 5 Most Popular Dog Breeds In America!

The research has been done by the AKC and the numbers are in – the official list of the most popular dog breeds in America is out! Do you think YOUR dog’s breed made the list? Keep reading to find out!

We personally believe that no dog breed is better than any other – they are all obviously amazing creatures. This list is certainly not about that at all.

This list is purely based on popularity of ownership across the United States. You know how you just see some certain dog breeds ALL the time? They’re probably on the list!

So let’s see – do you think the Shih Tzu made the list? Maybe a Spaniel of some sort? It’s so hard to guess with so many amazing breeds out there, right?

So without further ado – let’s check out the top 5 dog breeds in America according to the AKC! Continue to the next page to see who made the #5 spot!