Judge Judy Sets Dog Down In Courtroom — After Running Toward The Plaintiff, She Makes Her Decision

judge judy

Dogs are like our children. Once we have a dog enter our lives, they immediately become family and you treat them just like you would any other kid. Like fighting for them in a custody battle, for example — like on this Judge Judy episode.

This particular moment in Judge Judy’s courtroom has caught the attention of hundreds of thousands of people. Why? Because it was a dog that had decided the verdict of this case, not Judge Judy.

A man came into the courtroom claiming that he wanted his dog back. Apparently, his dog was stolen by someone and they, in turn, sold it to the defendant. She claims that she had no idea the dog was stolen.

Both of the parties told the judge that the dog belonged to them. Judge Judy proceeded to look at this case from a judge’s point of view — she asks them both questions, trying to get to the bottom of this. Trying to get to the truth.

judge judy

Finally — the judge can’t take any more of their bickering and comes up with a brilliant way to settle this once and for all. She asks the woman to go get the dog and bring him into the courtroom.

What happens next is epic! You’re going to want to watch this. Continue to the next page.