It’s Bath Time & This Funny Dog Let’s Mom Know EXACTLY How He Feels About That!

bath time protest

Every dog I’ve ever owned has always had the biggest personality. Each one so different and so unique. Vinnie, the Eurohound in this video, shows off his huge personality especially at bath time.

We immediately fell in love with Vinnie the moment we saw him. His human mama, Charlee, tells us that he’s quite the comedian, loves people and car rides. Bath time? Not so much.

This adorable and hilarious dog is a Eurohound – it’s a mix of Husky and German Shorthair breeds. How beautiful is that?! Charlee is quite lucky to have such a beautiful and funny dog around to constantly entertain her family.

Some dogs love baths – some dogs hate baths. Whatever side Vinnie is on? He’s going to let you know about it! It’s completely obvious from the video on the next page that he’s one smart cookie.

Continue to the next page to watch Vinnie hilariously vocalize to mom how he feels about getting in the bath. You’ll immediately fall in love with him just like we did! There’s just no doubt about that.