Is This Dog A Circus Performer Or A Household Pet?? You Have To See THIS!!!

I’m like most dog mothers I know and let’s face it we all think our dogs are the cutest and most special. We get together to walk and it’s “Spot does this, or Spot does that”, all about our dogs.

I love my little 4 legged friend and from the time he was an itty bitty puppy I had so much fun teaching him all the tricks. He can sit, lay down, shake (both paws!!), stay and begs even when I don’t ask.

So even though I know my dog is the best and smartest in the whole world there are definitely some more tricks I could’ve taught him. But really I spent more time snuggling him that working on advanced skills.

I think it’s pretty common for people to underestimate how smart dogs are, but I’ve seen some dogs do some amazing and awesome things. For those who want to take the time for advanced training anything is possible!

Despite my dog being the most amazing, there are others out there who could take him to school on tricks. Continue reading on the next page to WATCH one dog who definitely had some extra training!!!