Is A Frisky Chihuahua The Right Dog For You?


He’s one of the cutest dogs in the world.


Don’t laugh!  Chihuahuas are good watch dogs. They do not have size or a menacing appearance going for them, but they excel at sounding the alarm alerting their owners that someone is at the door. Chihuahuas are very territorial. They instinctively protect their people and property.


Chihuahuas are smart. They can be trained to use a litter box so you don’t have to be there to let them out or take them for a walk.

You know about the time and expense of those daily grooming routines and monthly trips to the groomer for long-haired dogs? Say good-bye to those. The Chihuahua requires practically no grooming. Short-haired Chihuahuas just need to be bathed and have their nails clipped periodically. Other than that, they are good to go. Long haired Chihuahuas will require some brushing since its coat is longer and fluffier.


Chihuahuas live a long time. It is not unusual for a Chihuahua to live fifteen years. You won’t often be incurring costs of replacement or agony of saying good-bye to a family pet.

Before you decide that this is just the dog you want, you need to know a few things:

Chihuahuas are not ideal pets for children under thirteen. Although cuddly and cute, Chihuahuas aren’t kid-friendly. They are fragile dogs who do not sustain a rough-house lifestyle or falling objects.


Chihuahuas are true to their name. They are tropical climate dogs. Chihuahuas do not do well in cold places.

If you decide your home and lifestyle are right for a Chihuahua, look for a local rescue organization to see if there’s one in need of a good home!


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