Unique, Interactive Dog Toys For Keeping A Dog Busy

You know if you have been a parent that there are toys that are pure fun, toys that encourage exercise, and toys that provide enrichment and learning. When it comes to toys for dogs, the same kinds of categories apply. In this first in a series on the best dog toys for your dog, we cover the enrichment and learning category, otherwise known as Interactive Dog Toys.

The advantages of interactive toys for your dog are (1) they encourage her brain development, patience and problem-solving skills; (2) they stimulate her senses with touch, sound or smell, and (3) they keep your dog occupied for extended periods of time.

A dog who’s left to her own devices all day can quickly become bored and sedentary, so having interactive toys on hand will provide her with entertainment and skill-building activities that don’t require your constant attention to keep her motivated, unlike throwing the ball or playing tug-of-war.

Interactive toys give dogs a little “something extra.” They can be stuffed or rubber toys with built-in squeakers or sound cards; ones with unusual wobbling movements like the Kong or the Bob-A-Lot, which also dispense treats, and ones with surprise contents like tiny “eggs” or stuffed animals such as the popular Hide-A-Squirrel.

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