3 Photos and 2 Videos of Pups That Will Lighten Any Mood!


When you’re having a terrible, horrible, very bad day, there’s really only one solution to brighten your outlook: PUPPY PICS. And short, adorable puppy videos!

Your own dog, too, whether he’s a puppy or an adult, can be a great stress reliever. Let’s say you’re on a long commute home with a pounding headache. You arrive home, pull into the driveway and what greets you? You’re crazy dog caught in the act of doing something hilarious.

And all your worries are forgotten! Man’s best friend has always had the power to banish the blues, lift the cares of the world and make you laugh out loud. Look at this compilation of the cutest, funniest dog videos ever!

No matter how bad things seem, with just one funny incident your dog can nudge you back into good humor. They’re amazing that way!

More cute pics and video on the next page! And let me tell you – these are probably the cutest things you’ll see all day!