Hundreds Of Corgis In The Same Place – You'll Die When You See Why!!!

On a beautiful beach in Southern California a pack of corgis descended for their very special “Spring Corgi Beach Day”. What is so crazy about this beach day for the pups is that the estimated attendance of corgis was  634. That is so many corgis!! Cuteness overload anyone?


The group started with just 12 dogs coming out to play. It began by a corgi owner wanting to meet other owners of the breed who had their dogs on Facebook too. What started with 12 quickly escalated to 75 and onward to over 600!

They come from all over to attend these events and it includes awesome activities like a costume contest, races and getting a chance to meet the famous faced corgis of Instagram, one corgi was even seen surfing on a board with his owner!


It’s a special thing for dogs to develop friendships and an inner dog pack but this takes that to a whole new level. One we would love to go to and talk about the best place for dog lovers ever!

We think this event is top notch. Luckily if you have a sweet corgi and would like to attend, this giant bunch next meets at the Huntington beach on July 11th. Have fun you guys!!


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